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Let`s Talk About Mobile Ceramic Coating For Your Car

Many are not aware that car paint is actually porous. This means that the dirt that accumulates on your car bonds with paint, and if you slide your hand over the paint, it will feel like fine sandpaper. In case you try to polish it, you will end up pushing the dirt and grime into the paint, which would result in fine scratches and swirl marks all over your car.

Leave it to a professional like our technician at Dentfix Automotive when you need to protect your car paint. With over 40 years of experience as a professional spray painter and panel beater, he has a better understanding of paint than your average car detailers.

Do You Need Ceramic Coating?

The abundance of information on the internet regarding ceramic coating can be confusing for anyone. So how do you know if it is for you?

If you are a person who drives their vehicle every day but are not bothered about its looks, then you do not need ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a huge investment, so people who spend a lot on their car for its maintenance and aesthetics would find this a worthwhile investment.

Ceramic coating makes it easier for car owners to wash and maintain their vehicle. The coating can last for 4-5 years or longer, if you follow our technician’s advice on how to look after it.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer silicon dioxide, which is sourced from natural materials such as quarts and sand.

The coating is a layer of glass that bonds to factory paint, creating a layer of protection, and adds an amazing, never-before-seen shine. Regular washing will ensure that it will stay that way for years to come, as it completely seals the normally porous car paint, not allowing dirt and grime to stick to it. It also repels water, making it easy to maintain.

When washing your car, use good quality car shampoo and soft sponge. Avoid using anything with wax or silicon in it. After you hose down your car, all you need to do is dry it with a quality car chamois and you are done.

Before ceramic coating is applied, our technician will first put your vehicle through an extensive cleaning and polishing process, which includes a special claying method, to remove the grime and dirt. Then, he will perform paint correction to polish out any scratches that can be polished. He will let you know in case there are any deep scratches that cannot be removed. If your car has any dents on it, he can remove them at an additional cost, though he will offer it at a discounted price from the actual cost. Dent removal is a very time-consuming task and needs to be done meticulously if the work needs to be done right the first time.

So why choose Dentfix Automotive?

1. Our technician has over 40 years’ experience as a professional spray painter and panel beater, including many years in PDR (paintless dent removal). We have worked on some of the best European cars in Melbourne and we specialise in vehicles of later makes and models. We also do bumper scratches, which can be up to 80% cheaper than any body shop. The experience and skills of our technician is unmatched in the industry – we consider it as an art that needs to be perfect. We have received a 5-star rating on Google because we have always done the job right the first time. Our technician has the passion for the work he does – if he can’t do it right, he won’t take it up at all.

2. After performing a thorough research on detailing products, we currently source our products from 3D, one of the most reputable companies in USA. You can check out their products on

3. We have samples of our work on display in our workshop, where the work is done on only half the panels, so you can clearly see the difference. Some of the panels include a black BMW door panel and MERCEDES bonnet panels with dark and light colours. You will be blown away with how the black metallic BMW turned out – it looks just like black glass!

4. With frequent testing of the products on various panels, we discovered that giving two coats gives your car much better protection and awesome finish, especially on dark colours. Most of detailers that offer ceramic coating put only one coat. However, our technician thinks different. Though it is more time consuming and more expensive, he is happy to spend more time to achieve perfection and loves doing things right. We are sure that our customers will be happy with the results too!

Yes, ceramic coating is a great protection against dirt and grime, and it makes the car easy to clean and maintain – but it is not the ultimate protection! Your car’s body can still get dents and scratches due to shopping trolleys and people carelessly opening their car doors next to your car. If you see any bird droppings on your car, wash it away as soon as you can gently with water and soft sponge until it goes away. Do not rub it or force it off and do not just leave it there as, in both scenarios, there’s a chance the paint can get damaged. Ceramic coating will prevent bird droppings from damaging the paint, as normally, without any coating, bird droppings can damage the paint permanently. This can result in an expensive spray-painting job.

Follow our technician’s advice at Dentfix Automotive in Toorak on how to care for your car ceramic coating. You will learn how best to look after it and prevent any problems. Contact us on 0417 319 855 for more information about mobile ceramic coating.

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